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The illusion of Sciltian, trompe l’oeil meets the challenge of modernity.

G. Sciltian, L'eterna illusione

Florence, Villa Bardini from 3 April to 6 September 2015

At thirty years from his death, the Museum of Villa Bardini of Florence celebrates with an anthological exhibition the art of Gregorio Sciltian, painter of Armenian origin who arrived in Italy in 1923 and who was one of the members of the group, “The Modern Painters of Reality”.

The exhibit is articulated into thematic sections and in different creative expressions (oil painting, lithographic prints and other mediums), it intends upon touching on the entire artistic experience of the Armenian painter that developed along an arc of time lasting over half a century.

On exhibit is also a work from the Collection of Fondazione Cariplo: G. Sciltian, Portrait of the Professor Giordano dell' Amore.


G.Sciltian, Ritratto del professor Giordano Dell'Amore
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