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Milan, Palazzo Reale, Piazza Duomo 12 -

The fire


The Fire. From Heraclitus to Titian, from Previati to Plessi

The exhibition visually retraces the history of fire in the Mediterranean culture through a selection of some seventy works by renowned artists divided into eleven thematic sections. Examples include ’Prometheus’ by Titian, ’The Resurrection’ by Tintoretto, the ’Vestal Virgin’by Antonio Canova and The ’Dance of the Hours’ by Gaetano Previati (owned by the Cariplo Foundation) but also 20th-century works such as ’Melancholy Witch’ by Renato Guttuso and ’Vesuvius’ by Andy Warhol as well as the most recent developments in contemporary art with the confessionals “in motion” of Roberto Plessi and a video installation by the American artist Bill Viola.

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