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Beyond. Journeying with Seekers, Fugitives and Pilgrims

Oltre. In viaggio con cercatori, fuggitivi, pellegrini

Illegio, Casa delle Esposizioni from 22 May to 9 October 2016


The exhibition ‘Oltre. In viaggio con cercatori, fuggitivi, pellegrini’ draws on the Bible, Greek and Latin mythology, medieval Christian literature and The Divine Comedy to relate the religious aspect of the human journey through astonishing artworks. This refined and evocative exhibition features 45 paintings from the 15th to the 20th century, on loan from 30 different European collections. Works by artists ranging from Lorenzo Monaco to Botticelli, the Bassano family, Francesco Guarino, Bruegel and Jordaens. The viewer is spurred to leave and go on a journey, between the Bible and literature, through five centuries of art.

Fondazione Cariplo is presenting one of its works in the exhibition: Vincenzo Malò, Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Malò Vincenzo, Riposo durante la fuga in Egitto
Malò Vincenzo, Riposo durante la fuga in Egitto
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